Get trained and Match to a job with the She Leads Africa Level Up Program Pathway - #EmployHer!

Warning!!! This is a career-transforming chance that equips you with the essential skills to thrive in the professional world and then match you to job opportunities. If you're not ready to level up your career, you better not scroll any further!


Program Features

  • Self-paced Trainings: 
  • Masterclass Sessions: 18
  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Career Level: Entry level/Mid-level
  • Work Experience Needed: 0-7 years of Experience
  • Mode of Learning: Virtual
  • Language: English
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Learning style: Online self-paced trainings, Masterclasses, Interview prep, LinkedIn and CV review sessions, work-test assessments, networking sessions
  • Job Matching Period.
  • Application Deadline for Cohort 3: April 5th, 2024
    • Cohort 3 commences on April 8th, 2024

With the She Leads Africa Level Up Program Graduate Pathway, you'll: 

Master in-demand skills through expert-led training. 

    Gain practical, hands-on experience and specialised training.

    Get trained in any careers of interest selected. Such as, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Operations and Finance

    Ace interviews with confidence with our interview preparation.

      Job placement support from our job-matching team.

      Gain access to career guidance from faculty and industry experts.

      Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

      Get to participate in the program which offers flexibility with part-time and full-time options to accommodate your schedules. 

      Application Process & How the Program Works

      • Stage 1: Click the 'Apply Now' button, fill the application form and upload the required documents. Interested applicants must complete the online form and will be required to complete all the required fields and upload the following:
        • A means of identifcation that shows your date of birth. (You can quickly access the info by downloading it from NIMC app)
        • School Certificate or Statement of Result
        • NYSC completion/Exemption certificate (Optional)
      • Step 2: Make payment after filling the form. 
      • Step 2: Get on-boarded on the SLA's learning platform where all your learning will take place.
      • Step 3: Commence your online self paced training in your specialised career of interest.
        • The career pathways available in the SLA Level Up-EmployHer program includes:
          • Digital Marketing
          • Project Management
          • Operations & Finance
      • Step 3: Get access to over 18 Masterclasses on crucial career skills with top career experts, every month for the next 3 months.
      • Step 4: Get assigned to Buddies AKA accountability partners as well a supportive community of women to help you through this journey.
      • Step 5: Go through a CV revamp and personal branding make-over.
      • Step 6: Join the job matching pool with updated credentials to become accessible to employers.

      Who is eligible for this program?

      • Graduate

      • 18 - 35 year

      • Graduated from 2017- date

      Your career journey starts here, and it's bound to be an exciting ride!

      Valued at NGN 400,000, apply now for the SLA Level Up Program at the discounted rate of NGN 100,000!

      Alternatively, you can choose the instalment option where you pay NGN 20,000 now and  pay the remaining N80,000 after being matched to a job!

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      NGN 100,000

      One-off Payment

      NGN 20,000 
      1st Instalment. Pay the remaining NGN 80,000 After Being Job Matched

      Ready to Elevate Your Journey?

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