Why dream about elevating your career or business when you can make it a reality with the SLA Level Up program?

Become the Trailblazer, Super Charge Your Business and Career!

The SLA Level Up program brings you closer to your ultimate success, offering unparalleled opportunities in employment and entrepreneurship. We provide more than just training; we offer coaching and mentoring by expert facilitators who are dedicated to your growth.

For graduates, this means being equipped with unbeatable skills and confidence to excel in your chosen career, as well as an opportunity to be matched with the right job at the end of the program,

For entrepreneurs, it's your chance to build a sustainable business, supercharge your expansion and pitch your business for funding.

Unlock your potential, gain invaluable skills, and connect with a dynamic community of like-minded individuals who are ready to help you thrive. Your journey to success starts here, sign up today!

Find Your Pathway!

The SLA Level Up program is just fit for you whether as an entrepreneur or a young Nigerian graduate





  • There's more to having soft skills: Training modules curated by industry experts based on your field or industry

  • Career preparation: Personalized career preparation to make you interview-ready

  • Job Readiness: You are being prepared with job-ready skills to land your first or next job role"

  • You are not alone: Networking opportunities with fellow trailblazing career women and Alumni Support

  • An unparalleled opportunity to level up your employability quotient


  • Accelerator workshops: Intensive capacity development sessions and self-paced courses to refine your business strategies.

  • Mentorship pairing: Expert guidance on enhancing operational efficiency.

  • The exposure you need: You get the opportunity to present to and secure interest from investors during our pitch day. You are also trained on how to prepare elevating pitch that gives you advantages towards securing funding and investments.

  • You are not alone: Networking opportunities with fellow trailblazing entrepreneurs and Alumni support.

  • The chance to level up your business and soar to new heights.

So, what are you waiting for, queen? It's time to level up, own your power, and make those dreams a reality. Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity to join the SLA Level Up Program. Apply now and get ready to slay like the Queen that you are!

Apply now and level up with SLA!

SLA Level Up Program - Empowering Women, Elevating Futures and Creating Trailblazers

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